Quality Policy


DÖRTLER KABLO, which attaches great importance to quality and continuity of quality, meets there quirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System which is applied in all of its organizations and the quality of the products we produce and the decisions we take in accordance with our quality targets with sustainable customer satisfaction constitute our quality policy.DÖRTLER KABLO commits to meet there quirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001management system requirement sand to continuously improve the effectiveness of the objectives.

Holding our productivity and efficiency at the highest level with production, marketing, sale sand after-sales supports to create a value chain is the main quideline of our quality policy.

In order to increase its effectiveness in the market, DÖRTLER KABLO, which considers the goal of continuous improvement, uses there sources effectively, respectingtheenvironmentandhumanhealth,withits service based on customer satisfaction and trust;

  • To meet there quirements of ISO 9001: 2015 as Quality Management System
  • To establish a production - solution system that focuses on customer satisfaction and early identification of customer expectations
  • To ensure the continuity of the training of its employees and to establish the consciousness of quality responsibility,encouraging employees to generate new ideas by focusing on performance and efficiency,
  • To use internal efficiency studies to minimize losses in production and thus create an environmentally friendly system,
  • To ensure that the nature,scale and environmental impacts of the organization activities are appropriate to the products and services,
  • To be an international brand that provides the best service to its customers with its quality and production diversity,
  • To effort for continuous improvement and enewals,
  • To respond to the demands of our staff, to meet the needs on time and in the desired way to ensure employee satisfaction,
  • To meet the requirements of law and legislation.